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I have been to many dentist and have had lots of dental work done in the US and some foreign countries and I have to say Dr. Patel is the best dentist I have even had. I am 67 years old and have seen many dentists for many procedures. I have been in lots of dentist offices and have to say Diablo Pacific Dental group is just great. The office staff are friendly, helpful and empathic with all the patience I witnessed them working with. I am so confident that he is good I am recommending my grand children change dentist. They are the greatest. No long waits in the waiting room, early office appointments and statements of charges before you get to the office. A very considerate practice


I have been a patient of Tim Patel for years. I have found him to be reliable and straight forward. He is proactive when it comes to dental care and has an exceptional record in my particular case of making sure that small problems don´t become big problems. I highly recommend Dr. Patel to anyone who is in need of a good dentist.


I´ve been a patient of Dr. Patel´s for many years. He and his office staff are always very attentive and professional. Dr. Patel spends a generous amount of time thoroughly explaining any procedure he might be doing or recommending for me. He displays obvious respect and concern for the comfort of his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Patel for anyone looking for a very knowledgeable, talented and friendly dentist!!


I drive 89 miles one way because he is a great dentist!!! Trust is worth the drive. Two thumbs up for staff. They make you feel comfortable from the phone to the time you leave.


I had an unfortunate situation where I fell and chipped two of my front teeth. It happened on a Sunday and Dr. Patel got me in immediately first thing Monday morning. I was filled with anxiety about my teeth being damaged, but Dr. Patel and his staff were very concerned and extremely comforting, relieving much of my anxiety. Throughout the experience, from the first examination, to the final placement of my new teeth, I found Dr. Patel to be very knowledgeable and professional. All along the way, I felt safe in his hands and confident that he would repair my teeth with the utmost care. My new teeth look beautiful and there is no evidence of them ever even being damaged. The whole experience with his office was very positive and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs special cosmetic work done.

AshleyHead, Walnut Creek

i went to dr patels office to have my front teeth replaced by crowns because my front tooth died from a rugby injury years ago. i couldnt be happier with how it turned out. it turned out great. dr patels staff was friendly and good at what they do.

rudiesuperhero, moraga

I´ve been a patient of Dr. Patel for eight years. He´s been as good a dentist as I´ve ever had. I believe him to be very competant. I´ve had the gamut of dental needs over this time: crowns, filings, some cosmetic dentistry, and ordinary cleanings. Everything he´s done for me has been done right. When I needed specialized care, he referred me to specialists, rather than doing it himself. He tries hard to be proactive, stressing the importance of proper brushing and flossing. One point that others take as a negative, I view as a positive. Yes, there are usually waits. To me, that means that he doesn´t rush his patients, even if there are those waiting. I certainly do not want him to rush me to get to other patients, so how can I object if he´s not rushing them to get to me? I can´t. It means he´s caring and professional. Bring a book! He´s always said that if something isn´t right, he´ll make it right, and at no extra charge. I´ve never had a service done by Dr. Patel that I was unhappy with. I´ve also found his staff to be friendly, and the office very clean.

Satisfied Patient, Concord

I´ve been a patient with Dr. Patel for six years, and my experiences have been consistently positive. The staff is very courteous and takes the time to listen and follow-up on any questions you ask. Dr. Patel takes a lot of time with patients to explain what is happening with your teeth, and why he is recommending a certain type of treatment over another.

PH Patient, Pleasant Hill

I first went to Dr. Patel in April because I had some broken teeth. I was also experiencing facial numbness and thought it was possible that it was related to my teeth. Dr. Patel after examining me told me that the facial numbness was a medical problem. He ruled out the possibility that the problem was dental related and I went to the doctor to find out after having an MRI that I had a brain tumor. So I took a bit of a detour from getting dental work done and instead was getting treatment in the hospital. In August I came back to Dr. Patel to have some of my dental work done. I was very happy with his work and I feel he is a very good dentist. His staff is good, especially Maria. The only negative thing I would say is that on most of my visits I waited a while in the dentist chair before they got to me. In every other respect I think they did great.

Secluded, Walnut Creek

I am 63 years old. I have been to probably two dozen dentists for everything from routine care to difficult procedures. Of all of them, from Florida to New England to California, Dr. Patel is by far the best. He is both knowledgeable and skillful. He listens to me, understands my concerns, and explains procedures and their options clearly and thoroughly. My teeth and mouth are in better shape now than they were 40 years ago.

Beltane, Point Richmond

My experience with Dr. Patel was very very good. His skill at administering anisthetic is remarkable ( I needed it 3 or 4 times in a short period of time). I hardly felt the injection at all. It was the best experience I´ve had of all the dentists I´ve had. My son who is 6 also had a good experience. The staff is very sensitive and skilled as well. We´ve had overall a very positive experience with His practice. Dr. Patel is also committed to doing everything high quality and state of the art. I would recommend him to anyone.

felly, Oakland

I found my experience to be remarkable!!! I broke a front tooth and was in a lot of pain. Dr. Patel did an emergency root canal on the tooth and got me out of pain and made a beautiful porcelain crown that no one can tell is a fake tooth. He is highly skilled in restorative dentistry, very gentle with his shots and extremely talented in his cosmetic work. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent dentist. Also, he was very nice. I could not afford the work so he gave me a huge discount off of the bill. His staff was also very friendly and courteous.

Mike B., Union City, CA

I have been a patient of Dr. Patel for 9 years now. I find him to be extremely dedicated to work and maintaining high quality in his practice. His staff is always friendly, professional and helpful. I particularly appreciate the personal interest and time Dr. Patel has taken with me as a patient. He is always willing to answer questions, even those that may seem childish or simply curious. His staff eagerly provided instruction to me on proper teeth cleaning without making me feel silly for asking (at age 35). By following their instruction I greatly improved the health of my teeth and gums. He takes his work seriously and with pride and genuinely and sincerely wants to know if you are having any trouble.

reebs, Danville

I can´t remember how long I have been seeing Tim. I believe I am probably patient number 1 or 2. Tim has performed countless procedures for me, everything from cleanings to cavities to crowns. He has done repair work as well as some outstanding cosmetic work. The thing that I appreciate about Tim is that he always communicates very well about what he recommends, we talk about cost and options, and he let´s me be involved with the decision. I would certainly recommend Tim and his team to anyone.

Dave Bradley, Walnut Creek

Everything was fine. Got in there fast and got done. No problems.

Smile, Walnut Creek

In my 85 years Ive had my share of countless dentists treat a panaply of serious dental conditions but I must take this opportunity to single our Dr. Tim J Patel as the finest, most skilled dentist I have ever experienced. From the very first impressive diagnosis accompanied by high tech photographic examination Dr. Patel gave me unexpected courage to proceed immediately with his recommendations: several root canal procedures, fillings and crowns plus last but not least his relining prosthetic upper and lower appliances; all of this mind you--in one pain free sitting. This wizard professional had me out the door singing his praises. It was a lesson in what 21st Century complex dental artistry and unparalled skill is all about in the hands of someone who deserves to be called Dr. Tim J. Patel. I recommend him to anyone without reservation.

zspace, El Sobrante

I´ve been going to Dr. Patel for a little over a year now and I absolutely adore him and his staff. They are open on Saturdays which is perfect for my busy schedule. They always treat me with the utmost respect and they are very patient and gentle. If you are looking for a great dentist who cares about you, give Dr. Patel a call.

A´s Fan, Clayton

Extremely pleased with overall care. Dr Patel is not only professional, but also personable, friendly, and calm. He has been working on my teeth for over 7 years and I have been pleased with all the work. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great dentist for both adults and children.

Crown Queen, Antioch

I have had nothing but great experiences with Dr. Patel´s office over the past 3 1/2 years. I am always satisfied with my cleanings and he did a great job with whitening my teeth.

Bay Area, Berkeley

I have been a patient of Dr. Patel´s since I moved to the Bay Area about 10 years ago. He has taken very good care of me by treating me with professionalism, respect, friendliness and has taken very good care of my teeth and gums. Usually, my teeth and gums are in good shape but one visit, he caught that I was started to develop gingivitis. He explained what it was and how to rid of it the fastest way. I followed his recommendation and it was cleared up for my next visit 6 months later. I also had a tooth split in half on me 2 years ago. Dr. Patel saw me very soon after it happened and again, explained what needed to be done to fix it. Again, he took care of the problem and I have had no issues with the rebuilt tooth since. Now, my wife and 11 year old son are patients of Dr. Patel. Great dentist !

GB, Bay Point

I have only been to Dr. Patel´s office twice this last year and so far I have been very impressed. The office staff is helpful and friendly. Dr. Patel has been professional and efficient

Bunny, Alamo

Dr. Patel and staff are very professional and friendly. Thank you for providing such quality care. And, congratulations for leveraging the web to gather such feedback. Great to see this.

Benny01, Walnut Creek

To Whom It May Concern: My wife and I began searching for a dentist when we Joined Delta Dental Plan under the Kaiser Permanente Health program. We live in the East Bay and Delta offered us a number of choices from clinics to individuals. We investigated several clinics before checking out Doctor Timothy Patel in Walnut Creek. The distance presented a bit of a problem; however freeways were close by. The moment we walked into his office we both knew this was going to be our dentist of choice. Located on a quiet street, the facility was clean and cheery with lots of parking. The staff warm and pleasant; Dr. Patel took a moment out to greet us personally, proudly giving us a mini-tour of his work-shop. The equipment was top-of-the-line; I knew we´d found our dentist. Shortly after we made our selection my wife suffered a chipped tooth which led to other, more complicated problems. Without any hesitation Dr. Patel quickly, efficiently and painlessly solved the issues; restoring my wife´s beautiful smile and not leaving us in poverty. Doctor Patel has my confidence and unqualified recommendation; simply, I do not believe you can find a better dentist. Yours truly, Captain David R. Case

caseboats, Alameda

Nice facilities, friendly staff, accommodating for children. Only suggestion would be increased office hours--I get the answering service a lot when I call...

Tooth Fairy, Moraga

Dr. Patel has been our family dentist for 10 years and we are very happy with the service he and his staff provide to us. The location and office hours are great and the staff is nice and efficient. The quality of service and advice given are also excellent. And Dr. Patel is easy to talk to - or you can watch tv in the dentist chair.

tree89, Walnut Creek

I don´t think anyone really enjoys going to the dentist, but Dr. Patel and his staff at DPDG make the experience a positive one. PROs: clean office friendly staff time with Dr. Patel each visit early morning appointments available (before 9am) CONs: difficult to get last minute appointments substantial amount on time spent waiting in waiting room

kmurphy, pleasant hill, CA

I have been patient of Dr. Patel for the past two years and I am extremely pleased with the services they provide. All of his staff is professional and experienced. The good part is Dr. Patel explains the procedures in detail and that make me more comfortable with the treatment. My 9 year old daughter is also patient of Dr. Patel and in fact he identified her misaligned teeth and jaws and referred us to a good Orthodontist.

Raj, San Ramon, CA

Dr. Patel has been my dentist for a few years now and I wouldn´t go anywhere else. Dr. Patel: Has great communication with his patients, answers any questions and takes the time to perfect any procedure to both his and his patients satisfaction. Dr. Patel´s high standards for dentistry and good business would be hard to find anywhere else. Office and Staff: Is always organized, friendly and professional which makes each visit a pleasant experience.The wait is short and you don´t feel rushed to leave.

LAS, San Ramon

Dr. Patel demonstrates an aggressive approach to maintain a healthy mouth for his patients. He makes recommendations on the work that needs to be done and then allows us the flexibility to schedule it as needed. I recommend him to others. -Ken

KK, Concord

i appreciate Dr. Patel´s honesty and profesionalism. Over the years he has taken time to answer my questions and advise me about my dental care.

big tooth, walnut creek

Dr. Patel is a very thorough dentist. My husband and I have been going to him for over 6 years. He really cares about the condition of our teeth and the longevity of our teeth. With a no-nonsense approach, he´ll always give you an honest recommendation for any needed treatment. We also appreciate how he takes the time to answer our questions and does not rush us when we have questions.

UH, Pleasant Hill

Review from dental visit.

maddux, Lafayette

What I appreciate the most about Dr. Patel and his practice, is not only the excellent denistry but the education and honest input that goes with it. I have referred you to my friends as well as family. thank you for your excellent service and professionalism.

assorted, walnut creek

I have been seeing Dr. Patel longer than any other Dentist. He is very thorough, and very knowledgeable. I especially like how fast he gets you in. I never wait more than 5 minutes in the waiting room or the chair. He does this because he knows people´s time is very valuable. Which also shows in his treatment hours. He starts at 7:15 on certain days. Which really helps with my work schedule. Great Dentist.

IT Worker, Pleasant Hill

I have been a patient of Dr. Patel for about 5 years. He has always greeted me in a manner that makes me feel comfortable and welcome. He is very pleasant. My appointments are on time and his staff has always done a great job assisting him. I would recommend Dr. Patel to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and professional dentist. I intend to continue seeing Dr. Patel on a permanent basis. He is great!

Mike, Walnut Creek

four years ago I had to find a new Dentist because mine was retiring. I didn´t think I’d ever find a new Dentist that would make me feel as comfortable and do as good a job on my teeth. I tried another Dental office and was disappointed right from the start. the staff were in the “could care less mood” every time I came in, all three times. a friend recommended Tim Patel´s practice. From making the appointment which was very pleasant to entering the office where I’m greeted with a friendly “Hello and Smile”. after a too short of a wait because of all the great magazines, I move into a very comfortable Dentist chair, with a TV going. I felt very relaxed . The best part was yet to come. Time spent in the chair and the actual work done was painless. I know that I found a new Dentist that’s even Better than the one I wanted to replace. That’s why I have been here since and don’t need to look anywhere else. Thank you, Tim Patel D.D.S.

irish, concord

I lost three teeth in a bar fight and Dr. Patel was amazing. He quickly gave me all of my options of how to fix the empty space. I chose to do 3 implants. Dr. Patel was very knowledgeable and skillfull in his treatment. My implants feel better than my own natural teeth did. If you are looking for a calm and gentle dentist with great ability, Dr. P is is your man. He did tell me though, "NO MORE BAR FIGHTS! Cheers doc, you´re the best

Misael, Fremont

Our family of four has been part of DPDG for over three years. We have been very pleased with the dental care we have received from Dr. Patel and his staff. Everyone at the office is friendly, polite and they are happy to explain anything you ask about insurance, referrals, etc. Dr. Patel is professional, knowledgeable, courteous and always has the time to explain the appropriate procedures you need. Overall, we could not be happier with DPDG!

4xthefun, oakland

My wife and I were patients of Dr. Tim Patel for more than a year. After our dentist has moved to another city, we tried two dental offices in our area but were very disappointed because we found dentists are not honest and not interested in the real care of patients. We found Dr. Patel very honest in his practice. He is knowledgeable, and courteous. His staff is friendly, very polite and happy to help patients during their visit. We recommend Dr. Patel’s office to everyone.

Fred, Danvill

My experience with the professional staff of Dr. Patel is consistently gratifying. I am attended to with a desire for always fulfilliing my needs. Dr. Patel and staff have always provided great care and been enthusiastic doing so.

Jerry Beverly, Antioch

My entire family are patients of Dr. Patel, and we appreciate the consistently good care and service we receive from him. He is always friendly and responsive to questions and provides great recommendations and options, but without any pressure to make immediate decisions. Dr. Patel has very high standards which reflects in his office and staff, and he always demonstrates professionalism and courtesy.

all smiles, concord

Dr. Patel is a caring, warm, personable doctor with an outstanding professional approach. Both, he and his staff, are confident, and well informed in regard to the patients treatment needs. The equipment is of the highest technical standards. The office is extremely pleasant. The patient is treated with respect. I am very confident with Dr. Patel´s knowledge of my needs

flower, Danville

I have seen Dr. Patel three times and each time he and his staff were professional and personable. He has treated my daughter and son and they were happy with the staff and service. I don´t feel rushed, (even when I got lost getting there the first time) and Dr. Patel explains the procedures, options, costs and treatments. The office is clean and modern and being able to fill out my documents ahead of time because he has a website that you can print out the documents in advance is convenient. I highly recommend his services and he has a great staff too.

KM, Concord

I´ve been coming to Dr. Patel´s office for about five years and with consistent, good service, my family will be his patient for years to come. Offices are clean and modern, the service is very friendly from the doctor´s services to the dental hygenists to the receptioniest, which could be the reason appointments run a little late sometimes but all around nice people and great service.

anonymous, Walnut Creek

My experience with Dr. Tim Patel has been 5* rated. With a situation regarding bridge work done by Dr. Patel he was 100% Professional and backed his word guaranteeing his work. Whether the situation was problematic of my bite or his work was never at issue. Dr. Patel and his staff were courteous, genuine and most importantly professional and concerned. "The patient always comes first." was simply the attitude. Dr. Patel is truely a professional.

artafnaf, Walnut Creek

I am very satisfied with Dr. Patel´s extensive work on my teeth. From a stent which needed my going to other DDS, the recomendations were excellent. Then back to him for mold of new tooth. It all came about like clockwork. Next I needed a bridge involving three teeth. The process and end product has given me a beautiful smile and great confidence in his work.

Happy, Walnut Creek

Dr. Patel is a great dentist. He doesn´t "upsell" by recommending treatments that are unnecessary. He is quick and efficient. His staff is very friendly and the office is clean and pristine. The equipment is new. I would highly recommend Dr. Patel.

Shelby, Walnut Creek

Ever since I was a kid I always had a fear of going to a dentist and even in my middle age years the fear continued. However, I can very well say that the fear has gone since I have been Dr. Patel´s patient. He was recommended by a friend and evethough I live far, I gladly come for my appointments. He listens, and gives honest opinions of what kind of care I would need and hence very aware about the costs of my visits. I have very high regards for Dr. Patel as he takes care of my entire family. I have recommended him to many of my friends and other family members.

goodlooks58, Pleasanton

I have been a patient of Dr. Patel´s for about 5 years. I have been very happy with the professionalism and the care I receive from Dr. Patel and his staff. Dr. Patel puts you at ease by explaining what he will be doing and what he recommends. You can tell how passionate he is about helping people.

Jenn, Lafayette

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